100% Organic Cleaning Wipes Designed for Boaters

What are Boat Buddies?

Boat Buddies are 100% Organic and Biodegradable multisurface cleaning wipes designed for boaters.

Designed with a thick and extremely durable bamboo weave and pearlized pattern, Boat Buddies make quick work of salt spots, dirt, pollen, footprints, spills, and fish guts.

With an extremely gentle formula, Boat Buddies are guarenteed to not dry out or discolor vinyls like many other products on the market.

Instead of grabbing the dirty rag thats been in your glove box for 3 seasons, grab a Boat Buddy and make your life easier.

Boat Buddies Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack
Boat Buddies Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack
Boat Buddies Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack
Boat Buddies Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack

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Boat Buddies Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack
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The most convenient and eco-friendly detailing product on the market.

-Massive 12"x12" bamboo weave wipes are embossed with a pearlized pattern that makes cleaning dirt and grime easy

-Quick and easy clean-up for: spills, pollen, sunblock, spiderwebs, & bird poop

-Gentle cleaning solution that is safe for all of your vessel's surfaces

-Scent free, no alcohol, no emollients 

-Soft, convenient package that fits into even the smallest of storage lockers.

-33% more wipes than competing brands (25 square ft. per bag)

2-Packs, 50 wipes

For larger orders, please contact marco@boat-buddies.com

Don't take our word for it

These wipes are awesome! We use them every time we’re out on the boat.  We live in a lake town so we’re almost out daily.  Good work.  


Post Falls, Idaho

They work great, very impressed with them. I live on the lake and have told almost everyone I see on their dock or out on the water about them.


Hillsboro, Illinois

Man I love them!!! Clean great, and what I like is the size of the rags and how they hold up to scrubbing on vinyl seats. They are a pontoon owners dream!


Crosslake, Minnesota

 I use them after every trip so far on the bass boat cleaning any blood, moss/algae or anything else that gets on the boat or seats. We will both be ordering more when we run out love the product. 


Hillsboro, Missouri

There is no other product on the market that offers the quality and convinience of Boat Buddies. As boaters, we wanted to design a product we could use every time we hit the water.

We looked at the competition and realized their products were undersized and thin, so we did something about it. 

We specifically chose our fabric, size, pattern, weave, and soap formula in order to deliver the best possible product for your boating needs.